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There is no good stag party without beer, especially in our country. Some of you may know that in the Czech Republic we have the highest beer consumption per capita in the whole world. Particularly it is about 140 liters per capita per year, including everyone, even little babies. Therefore the actual average consumption of beer per adult male between 20-50 is about 3 large beers per day, every day. Those are no rookie numbers. It is fair to say that Prague is the world´s Capital of beer and offers a wide range of beer places where your stag party can go. So here is our Prague Party list of 10 spots that you should try out: 

1. Lokál Dlouhááá – Dlouhá street, Old Town Prague

This one is very popular among locals as well as tourists so make sure you have a table reserved. In the czech language “Dlouhá” means long which is the appropriate name for this 90m long beer hall. They have the best Pilsner Urquell from the tap so go grab one and have some fried cheese with it!

Lokál Dlouhááá - Ambiente
Lokal Dlouha

2. Kuchyň – Hradčanské náměstí, Prague Castle District

Another place where they serve fine Pilsner Urquell. However Kuchyň stands on top of the hill by the Prague Castle and the beer garden offers an amazing view of the city. 

Tomáš Karpíšek rozjel svůj 26. podnik, Kuchyň chce vrátit Čechy na Hrad

3. Letná Beer Garden, Letná park, Prague 7

Letná is a sort of like the Central Park. Big english park from the 19th century. And in its heart lies the Letná Beer Garden. As the name suggests, it’s an outdoor seating with a bistro where you grab a draught beer, find a table and enjoy an overview of the city. 

Letná Beer Garden in Prague - Pubs | Prague's Beer Guide
Letná Beer Garden

4. Tanker Sluneční Terasa, náměstí Republiky, Old Town Prague

This venue is located on the rooftop of Kotva shopping mall in the Old Town of Prague. It serves 9 different beers from tap, mostly from Czech microbreweries.

GALERIE: Kam v Praze na pivo? Tyhle terasy nabízejí mimořádně zajímavé  posezení | FOTO 3 |
Slunecni Terasa Tanker

5. U Fleků brewery, New Town Prague

The oldest pub in Prague, dating back to the beginning of the 15th century. It is quite touristy but since it is huge your stag party does not need a reservation. It has a beer garden too. U Fleků is well known for its great drinking atmosphere with live accordion music. For more information check out our U Fleku Brewery Tour.

U Fleku beer garden

6. St. Norbert Brewery, Monastery Strahov, Prague Castle District

Everybody knows that it is the monks who brew the best beer! And the best monastery beer in Prague comes from the Strahov Monastery. It is called St. Norbert, after the founder of the order that brews the beer, and it is simply delicious! 

Středověké pivo by nám zřejmě nechutnalo | Radio Prague International
Sv Norbert brewery

7. U Glaubicu, Lesser Town

A popular place among locals who go there for the cheapest Pilsner Urquell from tap in the center of Prague! The beer hall is located in the Lesser Town of Prague in a medieval house – their cellar goes 12 metres underground! 

Víme, kde mají na Malé Straně nejlevnější plzeňské. U Glaubiců se dříve  pivo také vařilo! | Náš REGION
U Glaubicu

8. U Medvídků brewery, Old Town Prague

Another famous beer hall in Prague which your stag party might want to try. They serve Budweisser Budvar from tap. Don’t get confused with the american beer, this one is the original and tastes much better. They brew their own beer as well!

U Medvídků - historický hotel, restaurace a pivovar v centru Prahy
U Medvidku

9. U zlatého tygra, Old Town Prague

It is located near the Charles bridge and it has a great atmosphere. A great place to kick off your stag party evening! 

Pražská pivnice U Zlatého tygra čepovala pod míru, zjistili kontroloři -  Aktuálně.cz
U zlateho tygra

10. Prague Beer Museum, Old Town Prague

This pub offers more than 30 different beers on tap, ranging from local beers to international. It is a great place if your stag party wants to try new beers or stick to the known ones. The downside is that it is a little bit more expensive – which means still pretty cheap because we are in Prague!

If you would like a guided beer tour, check out our Prague Beer Garden Afternoon Crawl. Cheers!

Prague Beer Museum, Praha - recenze restaurace - Tripadvisor
Prague Beer Museum