Tank Driving

Take your friends and hop on a real military vehicle in a country that is a former member of the mighty Warsaw pact! It is not just a boring drive on a field, you will be driving on steep hills and through puddles deep enough to swallow an average SUV.  Riding this monster will make you feel like a real man. Despite its weight of 13 tonnes, our tank can reach an impressive speed of 65 kmh thanks to its massive engines. And the consumption? Lets just say that the environmentalists will not be happy.

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What is included?

hotel pick up and drop off
private guide
private coach transfer
15 min ride in a tank (30 min if you are a group of more than 10 people)
round of cold beers
visit of hangar full of military vehicles and commentary from local military expert

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45 / Person

Min. amount 

6 Persons


2 hours

Tour guide 



All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Fri | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Our tank-driving is located 35 minutes drive from Prague in a former military zone which used to be the biggest of its kind in the whole Eastern bloc. In the area there is a huge open hangar with big collection of operational tanks from the cold war era and other military vehicles including anti-aircraft guns, radars and other equipment. You can climb inside the tanks and what is more, you can try to beat the time that soldiers had to climb into the tank in a case of emergency.

Also a local military expert will be at your disposition should you have any questions regarding the tanks or any military topic.


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