Prague Stag Arrest

Stag arrest is an ultimate prank on your stag! Let him get arrested by two Czech policemen with almost identical uniforms and arrest procedure to the real Czech police.

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What is included?

Private guide
Two Policemen
Police stag arrest
Police car
Strip show
Bottle of champagne

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429 / Arrest

Min. amount 

1 Arrest


1 hour

Tour guide 



All year round

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Prague Stag Arrest

It usually goes like this: Your stag party will go to a bar to have a drink or a boat cruise or we will be coming back from any of our activities. After a while two policemen show up for a routine road control and check everybody’s IDs. Then your groom-to-be gets arrested. The reason for the arrest of your stag can be optimized for you because you know the best what your stag could have committed. Such a reason for an arrest could be a small bag with white powder substance that is looking way too similar to a certain popular drug. The stag will then be hand-cuffed, blind-folded and escorted to a fake police car thinking he is in trouble and on the way to the police station. Instead he will be driving to a completely another location, such as club, boat or private hall where a gorgeous stripper with a bottle of champagne will wait for him to give him a sweet reward for all the extra stress – a sexy striptease. Everybody will be silent so that until the last moment he will think he is at the police station. We also organize an option where the group is cought on the Venceslas square and the stag is taken to a fake police station and the group is waiting on him in a private saloon of a famous strip club. In that option there is no car involved.

In case of a group bigger than 10 persons we charge 20 euro/person for every extra person in a group because of extended costs for drinks in the striptease club.


Please make sure that your whole stag party except for the stag is in on the stag arrest prank. One of his good friends will accompany him to the police station. The prank can be given away in case of major inconvenience.

Prague Stag Arrest can only be added to another activity. Stag arrest is great to be combined with Prague Pub Crawl, Prague Private Boat Cruise, Prague Steak and Strip Dinner, but can added to other activities too.

Prague Party reserves the right to tell the stag at any time during the activity that everything is just a prank. 

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