Prague Sexy Maid

Had a rough night on a stag do? Give your stag a pleasant wake-up by our Prague sexy maid who will give him a hot strip show! Our beautiful stripper dressed up as a sexy maid will knock on the door and you will soon realise that it would not be the bed that the maid would be stripping. 😉 This is an absolutely brilliant stag prank that will put a smile on your stag’s face and not just him but the whole stag do group. Start your morning with Prague Sexy Maid!

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What is included?

Sexy Maid Wake-up Strip Show

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159 / Maid

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1 Maid


15 min

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All year round

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Prague Sexy Maid

Prague sexy maid is a prefect original surprise for your stag after a rough night of your stag do. After some pranks and humiliation of your stag last night you can give him sort of a pleasant surprise he would not expect. Our sexy maid is a professional czech stripper who will come to your hotel or apartment room dressed as a maid. With a costume and a duster she will look exactly how you would imagine a sexy maid. Show can be done privately for the stag or for the whole group. 

How long is the strip show?

The strip show lasts approximately 15 minutes.

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