Prague Paintball – Outdoor

What better adrenaline activity can you do with your friends on a stag party than grab a paintball gun and start shooting paint balls at each other on our Prague Paintball – Outdoor activity! We will take you to the best outdoor paintball field in Prague!

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What is included?

Private guide
Hotel pick-up
Private coach transfer
Paintball equipment + 100 paintballs
2 hours of paintball game
Round of cold beers

Choose quantity



39 / Person

Min. amount 

8 Persons


3 hours

Tour guide 



All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Sun | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Prague Paintball – Outdoor

Prague Paintball – Outdoor is a true classic among stag party activities. The best Prague outdoor paintball field awaits you! Split your stag party into two teams and go to war! You will get all the equipment necessary and 100 paintballs to begin with. The marshals will explain you the rules and oversee the battle as you put the hours of Call of Duty experience into action.

Prague paintball is the perfect afternoon activity for a group of friends that want to get together and battle it out! Who is the best shot? Who is the most tactical? There is only one way to find out.

Activity details

Our private driver with a party guide will pick you up at the place of your choice in Prague and will drive you to the paintball field. After a short briefing from a local expert you will receive a uniform, a helmet and a painball gun with 100 paintballs. More paintballs, grenades and smoke bombs can be purchased additionally on spot. 

After the game you can enjoy a round of cold beers right by the field which are included in the price. Also there is an option to buy a grilled sausage or various drinks in the bar. 

Our Paintball Fields

The first paintball field consists of two 2-story buildings that are connected with bridges with fencing and a 400 square metres terrace on the rooftop, offering magnificient view on the surrounding area. Part of the field is also a small forrest around the buildings. See the gallery for actual photos of the field. 

Other paintball fields in the forrest have a different feeling. You can play a gamein the jungle-themed field called “Hamburger hills”, conquer bunkers in the “Ardennes forrest” field  or feel like in the game STALKER in the ukranian-themed “Pripyat” field which is located in a gorge and includes an abandoned children’s playground. 

For bigger groups different games can be arranged. Apart from a classic team deathmatch or regular deathmatch we can arrange capture the flag or other games. Come and have fun at Prague Paintball!

The origin of paintball

Paintball as we know it today is a relatively new sport. Origins of the sport date back to the 60s when painballs were used to mark livestock from a distance. In the 1980s a few guys in the United States tought of a survival game in the woods where people would shoot at each other with painball markers (today called guns). The first game took place in 1981 in a 80-acres field with four flags located within its premises. Two teams of 6 persons each then tried to capture all four flags in order to claim the victory. There is a sign on this field in Sutton, New Hampshire, comemorating the first painball game ever played. 

Today paintball is a world-wide phenomenon and one of the safest extreme sports out there. Add Prague Paintball – Outdoor to your stag party program!

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