Prague Mud Wrestling 2 Girls – 1 Roly Poly

Prepare an experience for your stag do he will never forget! Prague mud wrestling with two sexy half-naked girls and one chubby lady will wait for stag in a small pool filled with jelly. After a sexy foreplay during which you can watch the girls and the lady play with each other in the pool, your stag will be invited to join them. Whoever has ever been in a pool filled with jelly soon finds out that standing is almost impossible. Your stag and the women will slide over each other’s slippery bodies, they will graple, wrestle and play.  Make fun of your stag while he is overwhelmed by massive curves, compensated by two slim girls. Let’s have ultimate fun in jelly!

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What is included?

Private guide hotel pick-up
Sexy Mud Wrestling
Unlimited beer consumption for your stag
Round of cold beers
Stag’s T-shirt
VIP entry to top strip club

Choose quantity



59 / Person

Min. amount 

10 Persons


1 hour

Tour guide 



All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Sun | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Prague Mud Wrestling 2 Girls – 1 Roly Poly

Prague Mud Wrestling 2 Girls – 1 Roly Poly takes place in Prague’s top strip club. We use jelly instead of mud so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty while watching the show. For maximum comfort there will be showers, towels and slippers ready just for you. After the show your stag will receive a special gift – T-shirt that allows him to drink beer in the strip club for the whole night. Let’s spice up your stag do with this sexy and fun activity!

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