Prague Lucky Midget

The legend has it that being tied to a dwarf for a certain amount of time boosts your luck. And what more can you wish for your stag than lots of luck in his upcoming marriage. Our Prague midget will be tied to the stag for one hour so they will have to do everything together. He will be there whether the stag is at the bar, at the dance floor or even at the toilet. Our midgets, who are some of the smallest in Europe (around 120 cm), stay always optimistic and their jovial demeanor will cheer up your stag! This is certainly an unforgettable experience for your stag that will attract a lot of attention and it is also a great prank!

Prague Lucky Midget is great to be booked with Prague Pub Crawl but it can be booked with any other activity.

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What is included?

Lucky dwarf attached to your stag for 1 hour
Private guide hotel pick-up

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349 / Midget

Min. amount 

1 Midget


1 hour


All year round

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Prague Lucky Midget

Prague Lucky Midget is one of our most popular stag party activities. Our midgets can come in various costumes, such as superman, batman, sailor, star wars character and many others! Feel free to let us know if you want your Prague Lucky Midget to be dressed a certain way! 

This activity is great to be booked with Prague Pub Crawl but it can be booked with any other activity.

Origin of lucky midget

Fans of Game of Thrones among you might recall a scene in the books where the guy says “it is good luck to rub the head of a dwarf”. But where did this rumour come from? From the earliest historic times midgets attracted attention and they were seeked out as entertainers. In the middle ages in certain countries they had the position of a court midget. Court midgets served the king and their role was to entertain the audience of the court. Often they were given as gifts between the royal families. The court midgets were most notably popular in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Poland and France. Court midgets did not receive salary, only clothing, food and accomodation. Some of them had proper jobs, such as stable boys or chamber servants, in which case they did receive a salary. 

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