Prague Indoor Skydiving

Prague Indoor Skydiving is an activity that you will never forget! Our Prague skydive arena is the first of its kind in Central Europe. Prague Indoor Skydiving is a popular alternative to jumping out from a plane and is just as much fun. In the tunnel the air reaches a speed of 270 Kmh which is the speed of a hurricane.

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What is included?

Hotel pick up and drop off
Private guide
Private Coach transfer
suit, helmet and glasses rental
skydiving (2x1,5 min each)

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110 / Person

Min. amount 

6 Persons


2 hours

Tour guide 



All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Sun | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Prague Indoor Skydiving

The tunnel itself is 14m tall and you will each have 3 minutes to try out your skydiving skills. Just for comparison, in outdoor skydiving you spend around 1 minute in the air. Therefore Prague Indoor Skydiving is popular not only among adventure-seekers, stag parties or hen parties, but also is widely used by professionals for training.

How does the activity operate?

Our party guide will pick you up in the hotel and with a private coach you will drive to the Prgue Indoor Skydiving arena. There you will go to the dressing room and switch your clothes to a special skydiving suit. Prior to entering the tunnel you will have a briefing with a local instructor, then you will receive a pair of glasses and a helmet. During the briefing the instructor will explain to you the basics of skydiving. Also he will teach you simple hand gestures that he will inside to communicate with you. Those are needed due to the fast flowing air inside the tunnel that prevents you from hearing anything. Then you will move to a special room next to the tunnel and one at a one step inside. Once you are inside the tunnel, you will fly and levitate with a professional instructor who will guide you so you can execute the moves that you learnt during the briefing. In the meantime, your friends can capture your performance on a video/camera. There is an option to make a professional video too.

In our Skydive arena we had the honor to hold the first ever world championship in indoor skydiving.

When does the activity operate?

– Mon – Sun – 9:00-21:00

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