Prague Hen Party Deluxe

Prague Hen Party Deluxe is an ultimate package combining four of our tours in one! Start off your magic evening with a pole dancing lesson from a professional dancer who will teach you the basic pole positions. After the lesson, enjoy a pleasant surprise in the form of a hot male stripper who shows up and gives your hen and the group an amazing striptease. Then we will escort you to an exquisite dinning place where you will enjoy a delicious meal with fine Czech wine. Finally you will finish your special night with a cocktail-making lesson in a fully equipped bar with professional bartender. You will not only prepare these cocktails, but you can drink your creations as well. This is an excellent choice for a hen do!

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What is included?

Party guide
Hotel pick up
Welcome drink
Pole dance lesson (1 hour)
Sexy male strip show
3 course dinner (200g steak + salad/side dish + glass of wine)
Professional bartender`s course + cocktails

Choose quantity



75 / Person

Min. amount 

8 Persons


3 hours


All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Sun | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Prague Hen Party Deluxe

Kick off your Prague Hen Party with some excercise. Pole dancing will help you make your body firmer and your mind relaxed. Our pole dance instructor will teach you basic and then some more advanced techniques. The pole dancing lesson lasts 1 hour. With your body relaxed and mind fresh you can get ready for an amazing strip show for your hen party! The sexy male strip show lasts 15 minutes. Afterwards you will be escorted to a fancy dinning venue for a delicious meal with some excellent Czech wine! After dinner your hen party will be escorted to a stylish cocktail bar where a professional bartender will teach you how to make cocktails of your choice like a pro! You can taste your creations right after you make them which makes this activity so much more fun! The bartender will also explain the history of the cocktails and any other topic related questions. Take your Prague hen party to another level with this activity!

Pole Dancing

There are rumours that pole dancing is not a real workout. That is not true and you should dress properly for it. Definitely you should not wear any long leggins because you want to hold tension with the pole using your bare calves, backknees and ankles. So ideally your hen party should wear shorts and tank tops. You will not need any kind of sport shoes because most likely you will excercise bare footed – to get more traction.

We did some research on the topic and apparently pole dancing dates back to the 12th century India and it was excercised mostly by men. To the western culture it was brought by female dancers from Egypt who traveled with the circus and had it as part of their show. The sexual aspect of it was introduced when the dancers tried to get more attention. It wasn’t until 1980s that pole dancing became typical for strip clubs and bars. Today pole dance remains a popular sport and a workout among ladies who want to kick start their Prague hen party!

Bartending Lingo

In other words bartending means mixing great cocktails. If you can give a good show while doing it, even better. However a tasty drink should be always your main aim. Now before you hit the bar with our party guide, you should learn some lingo that goes with it:

Difference between liquors and liqueurs

Liquors – distilled spirits, any alcoholic beverage that has underwent the process of distilling. So if something went through to still to get a higher alcohol content, it is a liquor. 

Liqueurs – sweetened distilled spirits, a subcathegory of liquors.

In bars around the wolrd they mostly use six basic liquors – vodka, rum, gin, brandy, whiskey and tequila. These basic liquors need to be flavored – thats when liqueurs come in handy. They add various flavours ranging from different fruits to exotic spices and blends. 

Shaken, not stirred?

This James Bond rule may apply to the best martini, but it is not universal. Generally speaking you will shake drinks with juices and other heavily flavored ingredients. Stirring is used on drinks that are made mainly of liquors or that are pourred directly into the glass.

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