Prague Go-Kart Racing

Go-kart racing is one of our top favorite stag party activities! Seriously, what can be better than racing your friends on the longest indoor go-karting track in the Czech Republic? 

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What is included?

Hotel pick up and drop off
Private guide
Private coach transfer
Subaru EX 21 200ccm karts
Safety helmet
2x10min races
round of cold beers
racing results on paper

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60 / Person

Min. amount 

6 Persons


2 Hours

Tour guide 



All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Sun | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Prague Go-Kart Racing

All of the go-karts that we use for racing are gas-fueled and have no engine governor (with speed going up to 70 kmh). The moment you put the helmet on, sit behind the wheel of your kart and start hearing the roaring engines of your mates karts around, you will feel like a professional F1 racer ready to take off. After all, even the legendary racers like Michael Schumacher or Louis Hamilton learnt their skill while Go-karting. Expect tight hair pins, chicanes, fast straights and a group of mates all hoping their competitors will end up parking it on the tyre wall.

Prague Go-Kart Racing facility has an excellent bar with open barbecue grill that offers a terrific view on the racing track where you can enjoy a cold beer before, during or after the race. Up to 14 go-karts can race on the track at once. The whole facility is heated during winter and the restaurant is air-conditioned during summer. Go-kart racing is perfectly suited for groups of friends, stag parties or colleagues who want to spend an unforgettable afternoon together.

Go-Karting race track

The race track lies on an area of 11 000 metres square and includes more than 55 bends. The average speed on the track is 40 km/h. The track is 1 km long which gives you a plenty of time to overtake your mates with your driving skills. The indoor part of the track is located in a former greenhouse so it is perfectly illuminated with the sunlight. The surface of the track is made out of smooth concrete. Our go-karting race track has 14 go-karts available to race at the same time. 

The times of your laps are displayed on a large screen at the restaurant.


Subaru 200ccm go-karts are basically small racing cars. Due to their light weight and 7 hp engine they are able to accelerate like a sports car and reach the high speed of 70 km/h. The ratio on the steering wheel is 1:1 compared to 1:4 in a regular car for example. 

If you manage to finish a lap under 1:25 minutes, you will be eligible to drive the Subaru 270ccm go-kart which is a lot faster as you probably guessed.

Note: Before this activity starts, the participants will be asked to sign a disclaimer form. 

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