Prague Dragon Boats

If you are looking for a real stag do teamwork activity outside and especially on the water, Prague dragon boats are an epic water sport activity that you and your stag do can try. In a dragon boat you can all work together and test your rowing skills. It takes place on the Vltava river in Prague and on beautiful 15 meters long boats you can compete in a race with your friends with the sound of drums on traditional Dragon boats. Let’s see who can grab a vessel like a pro or who will just flow with the boat bystanding without rowing. To make it more fun you can decide that the losers will buy the winners a round of drinks. Let’s do it!

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What is included?

Lovely guide
Pickup at the hotel
Private coach transport
1 hour Dragon Boat rental
Cold beer each

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450 / Boat

Min. amount 

1 Boat



Tour guide 


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Prague Dragon Boats

Dragon boat is an open canoe 12.5 meters long decorated with the head of a dragon on its front and a dragon tail on its back. Capacity is 10 persons for a small dragon boat or 20 persons for a big dragon boat on seats + drummer sitting on the front to encourage the boat + steerer on the back to determine direction. 

History of Dragon boats

The history of Dragon boat racing started more than 2200 years ago in ancient China. The modern history begins in 1976 when  the first official Dragon boat race took place in Hong Kong. From there it quickly spread all around the world. Nowadays there are about 50 million people around the world who are practising rowing on Dragon boats from more than 50 countries. 

Why Dragon Boats?

Dragon Boating is a great teamsport on the water where 22 athletes have the same goal which is to show that a team can achieve much more than an individual. Rowing in the right pace with your friends and cooperation of the team beats the performance of the individual. The group success brings a great celebration and happiness after the training and the race. 

If you are a bigger stag do than 10 persons, you can have several boats or one big boat.

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