Prague Beer Bike

How can you drink beer in a pub and do sightseeing on fresh air at the same time? Easy! Take our Prague Beer Bike! Enjoy delicious Pilsner beer from tap served to you by a lovely bartender while crusing through the streets of Prague! Each of these epic beer bikes seats up to 16 people. And if you don´t feel like paddling on your stag party or hen party, you don´t really have to – our beer bikes are equipped with an engine!

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What is included?

Party guide
Beer Bike (80min)
Unlimited consumption of beer

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59 / Person

Min. amount 

8 Persons


2 Hours

Tour guide 



All year round

Need help? Call us! Mon-Sun | 8 am to 8 pm CET.

Prague Beer Bike

Prague Beer Bike is the perfect afternoon activity for your stag party or hen party! You will cruise through the streets of Prague, enjoying the views, your favorite music blasting from the speakers, and drinking Czech Pilsner beer from tap! The duration of Prague Beer Bike activity is 80 min and the concumption of draught beer is unlimited for the whole crew!

What is a beer bike?

The first beer bike was probably invented in the Netherlands where both biking and drinking beer are very common activities so some clever mind thought of why not combining them. Ever since beer bikes became a symbol of stag dos and hen dos in major cities all over the world. The concept is quite simple – you pedal and you drink beer. The beer bikes we use are made out of light materials so not much pedaling is required to get it moving. Usually 5-6 people is enough and the rest of the group can sit and relax. The capacity of our beer bike is 13 people. If you were getting tired from the pedalling, worry not! Our beer bikes have an engine installed inside of them so we can take over and help you out! How else did you think we would be driving around Prague to pick you up for example if there are just two people on board – a driver and a sexy waitress?

The Prague beer bike is equipped with comfortable seats for up to 13 passangers. If you need to stop for a quick toilet break or to switch seats with your mates, it can be done. Just notify the driver and he will stop at the first opportunity. 

Can we listen to our own music?

Yes, you can! If you have ever seen a beer bike before, you have probably noticed that loud music was coming out of it and people were drinking and singing. You can connect one of your phones to the sound system via bluetooth so you can play your favorite songs during the entire 80 minutes ride!

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