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Europe has many places where you can plan your Stag do but Prague is among the top of them all and we want to show you why. Prague is not just an architectonic gem and important UNESCO heritage site, but also an absolute banger when we talk about pubs, restaurants,nightclubs, casinos, stripclubs and so on..It is called the “City of a thousand spires” or “Mother of cities” and there is no doubt about it that it is visited every year by loads of visitors. So here are a few reasons why you should bring your lads here.

View of the Lesser Bridge Tower of Charles Bridge in Prague (Karluv Most) the Czech Republic. This bridge is the oldest in the city and a very popular tourist attraction

1. Great history and breathtaking architecture

Prague’s historical center is huge and one of the most beautiful from European cities. For sure it is fun to drink all day and all night since you exit the plane at Prague’s airport, but it is much more fun and nicer to do it in a place which is as beautiful as Prague. It has various examples of architectural styles from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art nouveau to Modern. 

Cosy little streets make you feel like in middle ages and astonishing views from Charles Bridge or Prague Castle gives your Stag do an extra classy style of a trip. It is also very walkable so you can easily get anywhere on foot. We hardly hear of anyone who would not like it here. If you would like to book a sightseeing tour we are the best at it on our sister website

2. Hundreds of pubs and restaurants.

Prague is also one of the most foodie places around Europe talking about the number of various styles of restaurants and pubs. You can find here so many places from traditional local pubs with excellent draught beer from big tanks. And you know Czechs are very keen on their beer. We basically know how to do it and the fact that there is a largest consumption of beer per capita is just proving it. You can also find here so many great coffee places and restaurants of cuisines across the whole world.

Talking about high-end classy places there is also a huge choice. Unluckily with big tourism comes a lot of tourist traps and if you want to avoid them you can tell us and we will make you an easy Prague dinner reservation in places you will love. Or you can leave everything on us and book a spiced Prague steak and strip dinner.  

3. Huge and wild nightlife

What happens in Prague that stays in Prague. Like in Las Vegas which is the absolute number one party place for bachelor parties in the US, here in Europe we have Prague.

After a delicious dinner and a couple of pints in one of Prague’s  busy pubs you have to taste some of Prague’s nightlife. There are many different styles of clubbing areas from famous “Dlouhá” st. where you have one bar next to each other and as you go downstairs there are trendy and noisy music clubs in basements. Wenceslas square where you have plenty of upscale casinos and Lap dance clubs or a rooftop spot Duplex. Or by the Charles bridge there is the famous 5 floor music club Karlovy Lázně. Out of these there are loads of other nightlife spots and all around Prague those places usually close after 5am, but you can find even places closing by 12am.

If you would like to have with you one of our Party guides who know what they’re doing and would like them to show you the hottest spots including welcome drinks book our Prague pub crawl.

4. Lots of activities to do for your Stag do

As drinking should not be the only fun on your stag do Prague offers many and many activities you can do. From paintball, go-karting racing, shooting ranges, tank driving, rafting, beer bikes, bobsleigh, indoor or outdoor skydiving and many more. Also many pranks are offered at some of those activities for your groom to be. Make it for yourselves comfortable and let us organise some of these for you with private transport and a guide to your needs. 

Some of our bestsellers are Prague Go-kart racing or Prague paintball.

5. Beautiful parks and garden spots to chill out

Together with partying and activities comes a time to fill up some energy and Prague’s green places are best for it. When it comes to parks Prague has many beautiful green spots where you can take your lads for a walk. Stands with beer and sausage and beer gardens are a sure thing. When you catch a great sunny weather it can be a significant part of your Stag do. Out of parks in Prague we have a beautiful river called Vltava and around it are long riversides which are great chillout places to walk as well. Book our Prague Boat Cruise and unlimited beer which is a must do afternoon activity on your Stag do in Prague.